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Our 25th Birthday

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

CEO Letter

The 25th birthday holds a certain significance over other birthdays. It marks the quarter of a century--a time to seek new challenges, while building off the experience that already exists under your belt. It is important that we take this moment to commemorate and reflect on the years prior, while making plans to improve and achieve our wildest dreams.

For those of us baby boomers, our 25th birthdays were some time ago, but the lessons they brought have proved to be foundational blocks that shaped us.

For me personally, when I was 25 years old, I had spirit, drive to succeed, and a solid plan for how I wanted to attain my goals. These traits are not far off from our culture here at National Counseling Group. At our exciting 25th Year Anniversary, we have more direction, a stronger vision for our future, and more passion for serving our community than we ever have. With our years of growth and experience, we can bring NCG’s exciting future into fruition and reach our targets.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that I could not be who I was at 25 without the collective effort of many individuals to propel me into adulthood successfully. This also rings true for NCG. Our continued success could not be attained without our dedicated, passionate staff as well as the community of trusted partners who provide referrals to service individuals within our communities.

Finally, a vital aspect of my 25th year, as well as NCG’s, is adapting to change. Our baby boomer generation has had to adapt to extreme technological and societal advancements. Similarly, NCG is working hard to successfully adapt and innovate for the entire behavioral health field. We are working to integrate with primary care, specializing through evidence-based practices, providing transparent outcomes, and providing advanced technology throughout our intake and discharge processes.

Through the tireless efforts of everyone working for and with NCG, our passion to be the innovators in behavioral healthcare, and our focus on our goals, we are nearing our vision to become the most trusted health and human services agency in our communities.

We look forward to the next 25 years of caring for our communities, partners, employees and individuals we serve!

Francis A. Viera ncgCARE President & CEO


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