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Parent Partnership Services

Through NCG’s services and supports, we can provide the skills, insights, and techniques for adults to become more successful parents.

Parenting Assessments

We conduct both basic and comprehensive functional parenting assessments suitable for legal and service decisions. A review of mental health and substance use history, well-being, home environment and the results of parenting measures are used to identify in which areas a parent needs support. Parent and child observations may also be conducted. 

Supervised Visitation

Counselors provide supervision between non-custodial parents and their children and help to ensure safety and pro-social interaction during visitation.

Structured Family Visitation utilizes intervention, education and feedback as appropriate. 

Parent Coaching

After conducting an inclusive comprehensive assessment, our coaches provide training and guiding in areas of need. Skills are reinforced through modeling and feedback. 


Parenting Coaching
Supervised Visitation

Family Reunification

Prior to and during reunification, we provide an assessment, coaching, Love and Logic certification, individual and family therapy and life-skills training. 

Family Reunificaio
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