NCG Leadership

Our NCG Leadership team has many years of expertise in the behavioral health field. Their guidance, supervision and insights have allowed NCG to be successful for 25 years.

VP of Operations

I have been a part of our wonderful NCG family for the past 12 years. My background in cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement drives my work with clients in need. I have a strong passion for working with our counselors and community partners to make a difference in the lives of people we touch. I love rocking to Springsteen, spending time with family, dogs AND cats, reading fiction, working out, antiquing with my wife and fixing up the house. I have long been dreaming about being on the reality show "Survivor!"

Stephan Stark

VP of Community Relations

There is nothing I love more than finding creative and effective ways to serve people, and then sharing those success stories. Other than my wife, Rebecca, and my children, Mina and Hayden, this is my greatest joy. Of course, a close third is eating anything in mass quantity. Want to have lunch? We can eat and talk about services.

Regional Director, Central and Southeast Virginia

I have been with NCG since August of 2003. I received my B.S. in psychology and an M.S. in clinical psychology while playing and coaching baseball at Virginia State University. Over the years, I have maintained numerous roles within NCG. My current position is Vice President of Operations for the Southeast region. I am extremely passionate about assisting all people with reaching their fullest potential. Prior to NCG, I worked for Crater Youth Care Commission as a community service officer and worked in a group home. My hobbies include semi-pro baseball and engaging in anything competitive. I also enjoy spending time with my 12-year-old son, Jon.

Regional Director, Northern and Southwest Virginia

I have been with NCG since August 2006 and have a Bachelor's in Psychology, Masters in Social Work, and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I love meeting people and learning about their interests and perspectives. I believe everyone is motivated towards something, and it's our job to guide and support them in finding what that something is. Using pop culture to connect with others has been an effective way for me to build common ground, trust, and provides insight into another person's world. When I'm not at the office, I'm spending time with my family, reading comic books, watching movies and working on my Funko Pop collection (my collection is featured in the 2021 Guinness World Record Book for being the World's largest Funko Pop collection). 

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