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Therapeutic Day Treatment

Kids spend a lot of time in school. Between education and extracurricular activities, almost a third of their time is spent engaging in school activities. As such, many of the behavioral problems we see in our children and teens either present themselves in the school, or are made worse due to stress, peer pressure, and the differences between home and school environments. 

Many students, particularly those with emotional issues, find it difficult to cope with the pressures and expectations of school and behave in ways that interfere with both their success and the success of other students. 

NCG’s Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) program provides crisis support  to eligible students inside the school so that teachers can focus on teaching, and students can focus on succeeding.


Therapeutic Day Treatment

Through our TDT program, we provide interventions and therapy services, in both the school and home, that are designed to successfully address a child’s mental health, emotional, and behavioral issues that create a barrier to learning. Typically, NCG mental health service providers work on the same schedule as the teachers within the school and offer additional flexibility to meet student and school needs. NCG qualified staff are available on teacher work days and before and after school for collaborative meetings, family sessions, and other events as needed. Additionally, 24-hour crisis support is available to all our students.


  • Face-to-face evaluations and assessments

  • Individual and family therapy

  • Psycho-educational activities

    • Social and interpersonal skills

    • Appropriate peer relations

    • Anger management

    • Impulse control and self-regulation

    • Appropriate self-expression

    • Problem-solving skills

    • Focus and redirection

    • Community responsibility

  • Group therapy

  • Consultative services

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