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Life Skills Services

Proper life skill development establishes the know-how and the confidence needed to navigate the future for at-risk youth and young adults in need of targeted life skills training.

Ansell-Casey Assessment (CSA and DJJ Funded)

We create individualized training plans based on comprehensive assessments of each client’s capabilities and needs. These assessments allow us to focus specifically on identified needs without teaching redundant skill sets.


Life Skill Coaching
(CSA and DJJ Funded)​

Hard Skills: We work with youth on age appropriate skill building to include work and study habits, job seeking and maintenance, using public transportation, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, paying bills, and technology. 

Soft Skills: Additionally, individuals learn about maintaining healthy relationships, social interactions, effective communication, stress reduction and anger management. 

Criminogenic Principles: For young people who have histories of criminal behavior, criminal reduction concepts are explored in addition to typical life skills. 

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