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Children Regional Crisis Response

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Public- Private Partnership

One of the best examples of effective public/private partnerships that we have is with the Children's Regional Crisis Response program for Northern Virginia’s Health Planning Region II. The program, also known as ‘CR2’, provides outreach and crisis counseling to children up to the age of 17.

Outreach is conducted in schools, doctors offices, public & private agencies and any community setting where we can reach children and their support system. The outreach is comprised of awareness, education, and resource dissemination. Our goal is to ensure that WHEN a child faces a mental health crisis, that they not only know who to contact, but that we are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with highly trained professionals to help navigate that crisis. Our staff respond to crisis calls within a 2 hour response time. After an initial Crisis assessment is made, we provide crisis stabilization, family counseling, case collaboration and systems linkage to assist families in averting future crisis situations.

National Counseling Group is proud to be the only private provider in the state to provide these services. We are proud of our ability to dedicate resources to Arlington County and the entire HP Region II, and even more proud of the countless number of lives that we have been able to positively impact through CR2. This partnership is being noticed around the state as well. Recently, NCG was also selected as a Mobile Crisis provider by the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) and neighboring Community Service Boards in Health Planning Region IV, in part as a result of the great partnership with CR2. We look forward to continuing to expand our public -private partnerships to help to Improve Your Lives as well!


What our referrals say about us! 

"I appreciated your involvement at the onset of many of my complex cases and have seen increased stability and positive resolutions for our students when the collaboration occurs between our two agencies. Thank you for your ongoing support for our students and families.” - Michael Abramson, LCSW, Comprehensive Child Study Team, PWCS, Office of Special Education

“CR2 has been great with helping our students. We have always had good outcomes from the work!” - Sadaf Khan, Loudoun County Public Schools


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Do not call these people if you have a teen in crisIs. My daughter called for help. They sent a person for intake, sent a counselor for one session, and then called to say that she didn’t qualify for their program. She is worse off now than before we called because she feels abandoned and rejected by the people who told her they would help her.



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