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CARE AWARD Winner - Troy Payne

ncgCARE, the parent company for National Counseling Group has recently developed an award that spans across all ncgCARE partners called the CARE Award.

This award is intended to recognize those who display the best of who we are - caring individuals providing exceptional CARE.

Troy Payne has been with the National Counseling Group Winchester Team since April 2010. He is dedicated, passionate and always invested in "improving lives" of his client's and their families. He is constantly requested for cases by local professionals and strives to make their work easier by following our "CARE" model, so they as well can help serve more individuals in need. We are fortunate to have such a loyal and driven member on our team that incorporates our mission and values in his daily work.

In November, Troy was working with a young client and her family when it was revealed that her uncle, who was in the home, was in medical distress. With the assistance of his NCG co-worker, Darlene Clark calling 911, Troy performed CPR when the uncle stopped breathing and his heart stopped. Troy performed CPR for 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived and continued to do CPR after the rescue squad arrived. The uncle successfully revived due to Troy's heroic efforts!!

A grateful family later called Troy's supervisor to express their heartfelt praise for Troy’s fast actions which saved their family member's life. Troy is a true hero and we are so proud of him going above and beyond to save a member of our community

We could not be more proud of Troy Payne, from our Winchester team for being the first ever CARE Award Recipient!

Congratulations Troy!



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