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National Counseling Group

Since 1993, NCG has helped over 150,000 individuals and families to find healing, support, and success.

With our network in Virginia, we are able to provide the mental, behavioral, and substance use services 

to individuals who need them the most. 

Do you or a loved one need help today?

Call our CARE Center to get connected to services!

Our Services


We work with your family and members within the household to ensure permanency and provide support. 


Our counselors work with students within the classroom to provide supports and interventions. 

Helping vulnerable young adults learn life skills to help them succeed when they become adults. 

Providing outpatient counseling services to children, adults, and families.

Working with parents to reinforce best parenting practices and mentor family units to provide better outcomes for children in the house. 

Providing services to adults with mental, behavioral, or substance use issues. 

 Since 1993, National Counseling Group has
been of service to our communities.

We have the trained, passionate staff to provide meaningful results.

From one small practice in Northern Virginia to a family of behavioral health partners across the east coast - we've come a long way in 30 years!


See what clients are saying about their experiences with National Counseling Group.

Check out our 2022 Outcomes.

With over 20 offices in locations across Virginia, National Counseling Group can provide services to individuals and families in their homes and communities. 

Learn more about our employees and each location. 

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