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Our CARE Approach

Our CARE Approach

As Virginia’s leader in community-based behavioral health services, we understand that CARE is more than a service, it is an approach. Successful CARE can only be accomplished if it is Coordinated, Appropriate, Responsive, and Effective. CARE allows families to become whole and achieve long lasting and meaningful results by creating and managing connections with valuable resources at the time when families need them most.


Care coordination is the foundation for successful treatment allowing all services to work in harmony, and for clients to have seamless access to their resource team of professionals. NCG provides this coordination from the initial referral through discharge. Whether or not we are the organization that ultimately provides the service, we will get you the help you need. Just contact us!


Appropriate care can only exist through a collaborative wraparound approach that utilizes both professional and natural supports. These supports must be meaningful, practical, strength-based, and desired by the family if long term success is to be achieved.


When at-risk youth and their families have needs, those needs usually cannot afford to wait. NCG is committed to initiating the right services quickly, even if we initially pay for them ourselves.


For care to be effective, it must achieve its intended result. At NCG, progress toward mutually agreeable goals is monitored consistently, and service plans changed as progress warrants. Our long-term effectiveness is further achieved through strong discharge and transition planning, as well as outcome tracking and analysis.

NCG is committed to CARE and has been working with localities across Virginia who wish to have a positive impact on their at-risk children and families. CARE is an approach that serves clients and professionals alike. Whether you are a child, a family, a caseworker or an agency, Your CARE Starts Now!

Your CARE Starts Now!

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