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National Counseling Group is committed to our client's outcomes and satisfaction. Through routine data analytics and surveys, we keep a pulse on our success to improving lives. 

Individual Outcome Statistics


Successful discharge

Our successful discharge outcomes are rooted in our CARE service delivery model and individualized planning. 

2017 Data


Remain at Home

It is our goal to work with all youth and individuals so that they are able to remain in their own home living independently or with a family

2017 Data

Individual Satisfaction Statistics

Community based counseling

4.63 out of 5

2017 Data

Crisis Stabilization

4.81 out of 5

2017 Data


4.63 out of 5

2017 Data

Professional Referral Satisfaction Statistics

Intake process

4.47 out of 5

2017 Data

discharge & service provided

4.04 out of 5

2017 Data

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