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Parent Education Class

Children who experience parental separation and divorce are at an increased risk for a wide range of mental health, substance use, and social adjustment problems. However, these problems are not inevitable. Despite the major disruptions caused by separation and divorce, some children adjust well.

"In the Children's Best Interest" is a four-hour class designed by National Counseling Group. This class meets the requirements specified in the Code of Virginia and has been approved by the Henrico County court system. Using a variety of teaching methods, a trained instructor will help participants interact with the material. Practical applications will help concerned parents minimize the grief, anxiety, and anger children experience when parents separate. If you know the mistakes to avoid and consistently choose the right course of action, you can spare your child and yourself from unwanted and unnecessary suffering.

Times & Locations

Classes are offered at two convenient locations in Richmond and Sandston. Class times vary in order to accommodate parent schedules. For the latest class times and to register for a Parent Education Class, contact the NCG Richmond office at 804-497-4676.

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5014 Monument Ave

Richmond VA 23230

Office Phone: (804) 497-4676

Fax: (804) 497-4677

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