Family Therapy

Is your family experiencing behavioral, emotional, and/or
substance abuse issues with youth in your home? 

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a highly-successful, evidence based-practice provided to individuals and their families in the comfort of their own home. Our highly-trained, engaged staff will provide family therapy to youth (11 - 18 years) who are exhibiting high-risk behaviors. Through training and engagement, our staff will work with the family to learn strategies and techniques aimed at improving behaviors and the family dynamic.  

Through FFT services, your child’s chance of relapse decreases by...

25 - 60%


• Increased positivity 
• Decreased conflict
• Improved relationship skills
• Reduced misbehaviors or criminal activity
• Improved family communication and dynamics
• Prevention of further relapses / crises
• Increased access to community resources

Service Currently Available at: 

9301 Forest Point Circle
Manassas, VA 20110

Office Phone: (703) 257-5997

Fax: (703) 257-7518